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March 30, 2013
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Disney Prom pt 2- The Rescuers by spicysteweddemon Disney Prom pt 2- The Rescuers by spicysteweddemon
Bernard and Bianca at prom!
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I love your use of Disney characters you don't normally see. Have you thought about doing Robin Hood and Maid Marian?
spicysteweddemon Feb 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist…

here's a wedding pic I did of them, but they do need a prom pic too!
Love it! :heart:
AlexandraAlex Jul 13, 2013  Student Filmographer
i realize now that there r feet behind them!! XD
This is just the cutest!! I love your style!
SP85 Apr 25, 2013   Digital Artist
aw! There is not nearly enough fan art of these two :heart: Lovely work!
lakaddy Apr 13, 2013  Student Writer
BAWWWW I love Bernard and Bianca, and you drew them adorably!
EstrangeloEdessa Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aaaaaaaaaaaaw. :love: You don't even know how much I love this one. Bernard's expression is just so beautiful! And Bianca looks amazing, of course--lovely dress. And their tails are just so cute. And I didn't notice the feet in the background at first, but that's such a wonderful detail, I love it!
This is absolutely fantastic, and a surprise to be honest. I don't know why but I did not expect to see these two, which just makes me all the more happier to see them in this series.
I LOVE your take on them; it's easy to recognise them, but still there is something personal, edgy about them - your own style shines through in a subtle and excellent way.
Bernard is truly adorable, and I adore the choice of colours for his suit. And aaaaaaw, there is something adorable about a tiny bow on a tiny mouse :heart: His expression is to die for, and I love how... shy he seems about the shape their tails have taken. Bianca is beyond adorable; I LOVE the choice of her gown; it is cute, compliments her 'body-type' and seems very in-style with her character. And hooray for keeping it purple - everything else would be a shame.
I love the image and the background only makes it so much better - It's a funny detail, adding the blurred legs behind them, and it really works.
This is fantastic, as is your entire Prom-series, and I REALLY cannot wait to see what else you have in store for uS! :LA:
This is such a thoughtful and subtle comment! Great! :handshake:
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